printing inductions


screen printing 

Etching was a very new thing for me to experience today and i was very excited to see how this process is created. 

We were first shown the difference between hard ground and soft ground, their properties and what worked best for each one, We were shown the different tools and techniques to create marks and all the possibilities along with this. 

We were each given a piece of metal to work with, and firstly had to file down the edges. We were then able to pick between soft/hard ground to work with as our first layer

I chose to work with hard ground first, and decided to do a simple line drawng with a fine pointed nail. I wanted it to be a hard line and very strong. 

We then put our metal into the acid for it to process. This took about 15 minutes. 

The next step was to remove the wax, and de grease the plate 

The process did take a while but this showed me how much work can go into a very simple design. 

We then learnt how to ink properly and ways in which we could create different tones to our work, for it to be very dark, or clean and showing only the lines that were drawn.  I firstly decided to do a dark image leaving ink to create tones to my picture. It came out very interesting and i then followed with a clean image leaving only the lines behind. I enjoyed the look of both and each print came out very clear. 

We were then encouraged do a second layer, and i chose to look at textures. And decided to use a leaf that was in the studio. I pressed it by hand on the soft ground wax as this medium was very delicate to work with. And the prints came out amazing!

From all i learnt at the etching induction I'm really eager to try more! I feel if i use this technique with a project i have thought about and pre planned, great work could be made.

I had some experience screen printing last year on foundation, and really enjoyed the process. 

We were shown around the workshop in the morning and shown how to develop screens which i had already learnt but was good to be refreshed on so I'm sure on how to work alone when i need to. 

We were shown how to develop some positives, and encouraged to make a quick collage using scrap paper from other students previous work. 

It was fun to create a very random image, finding tones and textures of a wide variety.

After developing and cleaning our screens we were then shown how to properly load onto the table, and use tape to register the paper so that we printed it equally and in line for each one. 

Shortly after we were shown how to use two colour inks for our printing. I had only previously used one colour for a print

I also really enjoyed the exercise we did by rotating around each others screens and using the blocking method and choosing sections of each others print onto one sheet of paper. This created a mix mash of colours. And was fun to chose our favourite parts of each others work.

I then used the same technique of blocking with my print, and chose sections to repeat and layer on one page. 

I definitely want to work more with screen print, and want to work on layering and creating images step by step with different colours and experimenting by creating more than one design for an over all image. 

I felt todays workshop was very useful even though i had previously worked with this before, there was a lot i had forgotten and now feel really comfortable to go and work in the facilities independently.

We learnt how to use the tools correctly, and apply the right pressure to create a successful print. And to remember how important it is to flood a screen after each print we did. 

We started with two trials on newsprint to find the right pressure and get a good colour on our paper.

My print came out really nice, and i picked yellow and pink ink and felt they would combine together nicely to create an interesting tone.


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