1 week project brief - In groups create a 10second stop motion animation based on ''Lov&Hate'' - To clearly show both Love and Hate in the video. Also creating/recording our own sound to accompany the film.



Project briefing - Love Hate

When given the briefing i felt excited to explore the idea of love hate, even though this is very broad i felt as they are emotions that are very easy to relate to work can be very meaningful and successful. However having never worked with moving image before, and being put into a group i was a little anxious as to how the week would plan out and if work would be difficult. I was eager to start learning about the possibilities within this task - in the afternoon workshop we got to see the animation studio and how the camera equipment and dragon animation programme worked. Things looked pretty straight forward. And having seen some examples live, i started to think of ideas and visioned work coming together.

Brainstorming with my group

As a group we started to brainstorm the first ideas to come to mind that we could represent through Love/Hate

Christmas idea

  • Some of us love it some of us hate it. We could represent this by having a 'scrooge' of christmas ruining an exiting time for a child. 
  • The idea of the frustration people go through at busy times to buy gifts for loved ones. An experience of one person. The hate they feel whilst waiting in a busy line to buy a gift. All this for a 'loved one'

  • The product is known for love / hate . some of us love it some of us hate it. Humorous video to show the two sides to this food.
  • Examples of people who love / Hate
  • Illustrations of the food or the real product?

    Pet hates
  • Things that are commonly loved and hated (e.g.; scratching down a chalk board)

    Domestic violence
  • How relationships can be very much both love and hate. Family or Partners. To show the clear difference in both but how they are connected within domestic violence.

    We initially found it hard to pick the chosen topic to concentrate on but wanted to wait until we had spoken to our tutor and received feedback on our first ideas.

First group talk with tutor

After our first discussion as a group, sharing ideas and thoughts on what subject matters we could concentrate on we had a talk with our Tutor.

Her feedback

  • Make sure both Love & Hate are present in the video
  • Our idea of 'Domestic Violence' was the strongest of all ideas - but with this, we need to make sure we communicate well without having to create a story.
  • Do we want to be light hearted with our video or do we want to shock people
  • If we go with our christmas idea we have to make sure viewers understand whats happening in the video as the concept is a little tricky.
  • is 10 seconds enough to showcase such a deep concept of domestic violence - can we come up with a simple enough idea to communicate the subject matter 

Next steps

  • Decide on what we are showcasing through domestic violence.
  • Consider how we want people to feel
  • Make sure we don't get to complex with the idea as we only have 10 seconds




Domestic violence

Exploring the many forms of domestic violence we chose to use a relationship. An abusive partner and a venerable partner. 
We initially had the idea to use our own hands to represent a partnership and connection between the two. Touching, and moving in ways that showcased an abusive relationship however we found it difficult to vision how this would work and were we taking advantage of the facilities and equipment provided in choosing this idea.

We further brainstormed and started to create story boards. We then felt that illustrations might be a better way to communicate our ideas - as we could be very detailed with these. 

We explored silhouettes as the drawings and did trial animations with these on an application on our phones. 

One member of the group started to do more hand drawn illustrations and we all felt these worked better. 

We acted out movements for her to copy and soon the drawings were coming together perfectly.


The drawings had to be very detailed in order to tell the story in such a short time. This meant it took us a long time and we spent the whole of one day drawing these. - We finished the day by making a mock up animation, and it looked amazing.



In all we drew about 50 drawings to create the 10 second sequence. This was time consuming but as this was the main focus of the animation we wanted to make this very detailed.


Filming day

Having created mock ups of our animation we had a clear plan on how we needed to film our piece and the order of each step. We started straight away and things were going well, and we worked well as a team, each of us having be in charge of different things.

Problem solving

We felt our animation was moving too fast, there for we duplicated shots and this enabled us to see the story clearer.
The ending was troubling us, and we tried our first idea and it didnt look how we wished, we there for decided to change this which also meant we needed to change many of the previous shots. We decided to erase half of the animation and start again from the middle. We added extra frames to bring more attention to 'Hate' as the animation was looking a little sexual. However we coped well even though our ideas changed we did not stress and we let our instincts decide on a better ending. 

The film turned out really well and we were all very happy with what we were able to create in a very short time. 


Sound recording day

Having previously wanting the sound to represent one element and the visuals to represent another we had to change this idea as our animation now shows both love and hate through the visuals.

We all however were very keen on narrating over the animation. To make the film very powerful and touching. To make the piece seem very real as we as a group believe domestic violence is a very important matter.

As our visuals are hand drawn and very 'cartoon' we aimed for the sound to bring a more real and rawness to the film.  


We had come up with a script that a group member would narrate over the video. We made sure the words worked well with the movement of the film, and both elements complimented each other. Our idea went according to plan and our film came to life with the sound added. We were all very happy with the outcome and felt our 10seconds clearly showed Love & Hate without being too complicated.



Thoughts on group work and the task

I feel my team stuck to the given brief, and worked really well together having never done so before. We shared ideas and questioned each others ideas also. We gave tasks and roles to one another and made sure we all took part. We let ideas form naturally from our discussions. We had fun creating our piece and didn't think too much. We made sure the Love And Hate factor was the most important thing to concentrate on. We used our time well and this resulted in an exciting outcome.

Our tutor was very pleased with the work and said we communicated the brief well.


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