Project brief - " Super Boring" 

We were assigned a random fact in pairs and told to embrace this fact. And obviously the fact was very boring, and very random. Wich at first i felt quite uncomfortable with. We were asked to question  "how are you going to communicate the fact to us in a truly memorable way? Are you going to make us laugh? Cry? Shock us? Show us something truly unexpected ?". Our aim in groups of two was to produce an unforgettable piece of communication. 

"You cant snore and dream at the same time"

My partner and I were assigned the fact ; "you cant snore and dream at the same time". And personally i felt this very hard to think of initial ideas to start. I struggled to think of ideas and all i could think about was someone in bed, getting annoyed. I feel i was getting a little frustrated when thinking of ideas alone on monday evening after the briefing. And struggled to come up with many ideas that i felt were interesting or could be looked into further. 

I didnt let this defeat me as i knew i was working in a pair, and hoped maybe my partners ideas could give me some sort of inspiration and i could add to those, or then think of further ideas from there.

Brainstorming first ideas 

We met up the next day and my partner had many ideas in mind, which immediately gave me ideas to add to. We started to think about how could we be memorable and how could we do something that no one else would do. Which meant we immediately wanted to eliminate making a video to show. 

- Drone, My partner had the idea of buying a sort of drone and attaching a device with a sound recorded to it to annoy everyone in class. To draw to the fact of being interrupted. As the dreams to by snoring. 

But when thinking of this idea a lot of issues arose,

  • Would we be able to pull this off
  • How much would this cost
  • Could we attach a sound device to the drone
  • Is it really communicating a dream

We decided to leave this idea aside and think about another idea - 

We both really liked the idea of creating an installation in class, and felt this could be very memorable. To create an experience for the classroom and pupils and be different. 

We kept our ideas simple 

Where do we dream and snore?
Mostly at night time in bed - This started our idea of creating a life size bed in the classroom. And maybe having some sort of mannequin laying. 

What would happen?
We would need to have something happen in order to represent the fact.
Could we get him to snore, What would happen when he is interrupted?

We thought of many ideas and soon thought about creating a new pill to be a dream-aid



So our idea that we were going with was creating an installation in class, we would have a bed and a mannequin, and he would be connected to a TV. As though he is in some sort of medical dream reading room. This will be a live advertising for the new pills we are creating. And we now believe creating a small video playing on a tv in the room would be appropriate even though we didn't want to create a video, we believe as we are using it during an installation it will be memorable and will help communicate our idea.

We assigned different roles for each other, and i agreed to create the packaging design for the pills. And re create our own paying close attention to how packaging looks today. As we want the box to be recognisable and identifiable to the viewers as a tablet box.


I went out and did some primary research on how the packaging looked for popular brands. I would then copy the design in a new way. Sticking to the main content that most boxes included.

Myself and my partner thought of names for our pills and considering Melatonin is produced when dreaming we used this as a starting point to names. 

We decided on the name MELADEX and felt this sounded like a tablet brand. 

We also came up with a name for the company and went very obvious with this one - PHARMACORE

It was pretty straight forward creating the branding, and i kept it very simple and to the point, adding elements of humour to the packet. I used indesign to create the design, and then printed on sticker paper and transferred this to a pre made box.

My partner and i were please with the work and felt it needed nothing more to it. I produced the packaging. And it looked real. We then decided to move on and concentrate on the installation we would make for the presentation

Creating / Piecing together the installation

With our installation, we knew we wanted to buy a mannequin to lay in the bed. 

We found it very difficult to find this and prices to buy these were very expensive so we had to think of something else.

We spend quite a bit of time searching for other options and soon came about a polystyrene head - we thought with this we could then stuff some clothes and create our own body. This option was easier, and obviously a lot cheaper.

We went to the department store and purchased the mannequin head and also agreed on creating some sort of mechanical looking helmet that would have wires and metal and tubes coming from it into the TV.

We then planned to meet the next morning to start creating the piece

We bought some spray paint, and my partner then put together a helmet that i thought looked great! it really captured the look we were going through, and was far from subtle. We knew this was going to turn heads on the day of the crit

Next steps -

My partner had created the video the next evening that would be the advertisement for the pills and i thought it was perfect for our fact. It communicated it very simple and was also humorous. It was straight forward and to the point and the finishing touches adding the brand name and slogan brought the video together and looked like a real advertisement. I was really pleased with his work.

The video would be playing on a tv brought in by my partner, and would be connected to the helmet of the mannequin . 

We also agreed a poster next to the bed would add to the installation. We recreated the look of the packaging and used this for the layout and design of the posters.

In all, we worked well together and our idea from the first day took off quickly. We had a lot of work to do and spent most of every day doing the separate tasks needed to make all things come together. We aimed for our piece to be memorable and there for went for quite an outgoing piece of work. We wanted people to be humoured by our work and also a bit shocked by the amount of things we created. 

I believe we really stuck to the brief in our work. And made sure our fact would be easily understander by the class

I think we used our time well, and this enabled all elements to be completed the day before the crit. 

We came in early before the crit to set up the installation ready. It looked just as we hoped. 

We did however want to present the work wearing medical suits but couldn't find any  suits in time,  and the ones we did find again were very pricey.

But in all we didn't need these after, and believed our work stood strong alone 


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